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The mother-in-law hinge is not suitable for heavier solid wood doors


Solid wood doors are popular with the public because of their close to natural texture. However, when installing solid wood doors, the choice of hinges should be stable. Do not choose the hinges. Because the weight of solid wood doors is heavy, it is easy to crush the mother. Hinge, and can not be repaired, can only be replaced.

      First, in addition to PVC doors try to choose flat hinges

  1, five parts manufacturers show that you should not ignore the inner door of the home, it is the loyal guardian of the home, in addition to the facade, door sets, but also pay attention to hardware accessories . He pointed out that when the owner buys a wooden door, the hinge or hinge is often neglected. In fact, it is the core component of the wooden door to complete the function. A set of wooden doors is used well, and it will be seen long time.

  2. Household wooden doors generally have two types of hinges, one is a flat hinge and the other is a hinge. For wooden doors, the flat hinge is more stressed; and the ball bearing (the center of the shaft) is used. Because it can reduce the friction at the joint of the two hinges, the wooden door is open and smooth. "Sound.

  He does not recommend the use of a mother-in-law hinge on a wooden door. Because it is relatively not very strong, the intended use is for light doors, such as PVC doors, and to reduce the number of grooves (joining pages) on the door. .

  Second, the screws used for hinges should also be stainless steel

  1. The hinge materials are stainless steel, pure copper, stainless iron, iron. It is recommended to use stainless steel for household use, which can adhere to the use of the door for a long time. It is not recommended to use iron raw materials. Although it is cheap, it is not good, and rust is very troublesome. It is not only expensive to find someone to change the hinges, but also troublesome.

The screws used for hinges should also be matched with stainless steel screws. It is not allowed to replace them with other screws. The hinge of pure copper is suitable for luxurious wooden doors and is not suitable for general households due to price reasons. The electroplating skills are very mature nowadays. Stainless steel also has a variety of color appearances, and can be equipped with different styles of wooden doors. Of course, it is better to take care of the drawing, and it is more environmentally friendly.

  At the end of the day, we should pay attention to the local area, we must pay attention to the direction of the handle rotation, do not pull back, or brute force. In particular, educate the children in the family, do not play the hanging on the door handle , which is easy to risk, and may cause damage to the inner door.

Solid wood door hinge



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