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What are the types of hinges for cabinet doors?


  What are the five types of accessories manufacturers telling you about thetypes of hinges ?       

  Face detachment hinge: This hinge uses the weight of the hinge and the weight of the door to actively close the door. It is primarily suitable for use on light doors such as wooden doors or toilets.

  Cold storage door hinge: exterior baking varnish, large size made of steel plate, small size made of cast iron. Used on cold storage doors or heavy insulation doors.

  Scalloped hinge: The two sheets of the scalloped hinge are half thicker than the thickness of the general hinge, and are suitable for all kinds of doors and windows that need to be rolled and opened.

  Silent hinge: Also known as nylon washer hinge, when the door and window switch, the hinge is silent, and it is mainly used on the doors and windows of public buildings.

  Single-flag hinge: The hinge is made of stainless steel, which is resistant to rust and wear and is easy to disassemble. Mostly used on double-glazed windows.

  Folding the window hinge : When the device is installed, the two sheets with the mandrel should be installed on both sides of the window frame, and the two sheets without the mandrel should be installed on both sides of the window sash. A slotted, non-mandrel negative plate shall be placed on the side of the sash groove to allow the sash to be loaded and unloaded. Activities for factories, warehouses, residences, public buildings, etc.

  Multi-function hinge: When the open angle is less than 75°, it has an active closing function. When it is in the 75°-90° angular orientation, it is self-stabilizing, and when it is greater than 95°, it is actively positioned. This hinge can be used on the door instead of the ordinary hinge .

  Anti-theft hinge: ordinary hinge, when the shaft is pulled out, the door leaf can be removed, the anti-theft hinge, through the self-locking effect of the pin and pin hole on the two pages of the hinge, can avoid the door leaf being unloaded, and It has anti-theft effect and is suitable for the door of the residence.

  Spring hinge: The door can be closed after being opened. The single spring hinge can only be opened in one direction. The double spring hinge can be opened in both directions. Primarily used on the gates of public buildings.

Door hinge type



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