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There is a lot of attention to the location of the hinge installation?


Door and window hardware according to its application functions are: hinges, door closers , positioners , locks, handles and handles, curtain rails and windshield at the bottom of the door. Hinge (hinge) is a commonly used hardware accessory in home decoration. Its variety is complex. The following hinge manufacturers introduce you to the orientation of different doors.

  Pipe door hinge device orientation

  The pipe hinge has a spring device, which is mainly used for the connection of the door panel of the furniture. The thickness of the hinge is 16 to 20 mm. There are zinc alloy and galvanized iron in the selection of raw materials, and screws are attached. Adjust the orientation of the door hinge device. It can adjust the thickness and height from left to right and up and down. What is the orientation of the door hinge device of this type of pipe? Generally, a hinge of each device in the up and down direction of the door is at one third of the door. This type of door hinge device orientation method is also the most common method of equipment today, and the force point is relatively uniform.

  General door hinge device orientation

  General hinges are a more common type, and they are also widely used in the home range. Nowadays, the door hinges are also getting better and better, and the skills are getting more and more sophisticated. Presumably, the previous hinges, the current variety of general hinge materials will also create a different role. Therefore, what is the general orientation of the door hinge device? The force points of the device will be affected in different directions. Generally, the general door hinge device orientation is about one quarter of the door, so as to ensure uniform force. It will not affect the switch and daily use of the door.

  Door hinge device orientation specification

  Different doors also have different heights and thicknesses, so the orientation of the door hinge device also changes with it. Therefore, the orientation of the door hinge device is not standardized, and it is followed by most of the equipment methods in the market. The door is 2 meters high. At the time of the hinge of the equipment, the upper partition door is 18 cm, and the lower spacing of 20 cm is the better position of the door hinge device. If it is a general door, it is necessary to refer to the orientation of other door hinge devices in the room, in order to reach the overall uniform and beautiful decoration effect, so that each door will make the force point uniform due to the hinged equipment.

Door and window hinge hardware


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