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Differences and comparisons between parent-child hinges and flat opening and closing pages


What is the difference between the hinge manufacturer telling you that the hinges of the mother and the child are flat and hinged? What is good or bad? Many people have asked this question more than once, and they have seen many such problems on the Internet. Some of the customers I met did not really understand the difference between the mother and child hinges and the opening and closing pages. Below, we will focus on the differences and characteristics of the two.

The mother-in-law hinge is a hinge for the device to be used on the interior door. After the two pieces are merged and stacked, they are on one horizontal surface. No misplacement and superposition. The large piece is surrounded by small pieces. The mother-in-law hinge is a kind of image title. The reason why it was so called because of the special structure of such a hinge is composed of two pieces inside and outside. It is like the mother and the child. It is very image, so it is called the mother-in-law hinge. .

A hinged hinge is a hinge that is placed on an interior door or an outdoor door. Swing hinges are symmetrical. The central axis is the axis of symmetry, centered on the central axis, and the hole position and the hole pitch can be different, but the length and width of the left and right hinges are the same.

With that said, I think we can easily separate the parent and child hinges and the hinges. Next, let's talk about the good and bad of both. The advantage of the mother-in-law hinge is the ease of installation and use. This is also a big feature, so the use of the parent hinge is relatively extensive. Its special structure makes it very convenient during use, avoiding the two-layer slot on the door and the door frame, and can be used directly by screwing on the door. The flat hinges are not so convenient. It is necessary to open a slot suitable for the size of the door and the door frame. The two pieces of the hinge are opened and locked in the slot, and then the screws can be fixed on the door and Go to the doorframe. This means that each time a hinge is installed, it is necessary to open a card slot on the door and the door frame to ensure a smooth device. This is naturally not difficult for a professional device master, but for a general family DIY user, it is not so convenient to install. It is necessary to have something to be slotted for smooth installation.

In terms of load-bearing, the bearing of the parent-child hinge and the opening and closing pages are different. The load-bearing of the mother-in-law hinge does not have a flat hinge, which is doubtful. Because this is determined by the special structure of the parent hinge. The mother-in-law hinge has only three claws, one claw is fixed in the normal, and the two claws are fixed in the other half. Under the action of gravity, the shaft portion is subjected to relatively large pressure. A single component is too large, it is very simple to pull the center axis. The flat hinges are symmetrically distributed, generally more than five claws, and more or even more than 8 claws. In addition to the weight of the middle bearing, each claw also decomposes a part of the component. This makes it easier to spread all the weight bearing pressure. Thereby releasing the component of the door.

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