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      Home hardware can be divided into general and special categories according to the settings. The former includes stainless steel hinges , hinged slides, etc. The latter includes bathroom hardware and kitchen accessories. Among them, hinges, slides, hinges and locks are more frequently used in life, which makes them even more important.

  Shopping malls tend to diversify

  Because of the continuous improvement of customer demand, there is a greater demand and higher requirements for hardware accessories . In the furniture industry, the quality and level of furniture are mainly reflected in the selection of hardware accessories. The inconvenience of furniture is largely due to the improper selection or lack of furniture hardware accessories. Five accessory manufacturershave shown that as long as there are corresponding hardware accessories, very complicated multi-functional furniture can be produced. The value of hardware accessories in furniture is 5%, but the running comfort is 85%. It can be seen that the importance of hardware accessories in furniture.

  Furniture hardware store to be perfected

  In the past, home hardware was more emphasis on its mechanical functions, rust prevention, moisture resistance, fatigue function of moving parts and so on. Today, home furnishings are increasingly demanding personalization and integrity. In addition to satisfying the above-mentioned functionality, home hardware must also have an eye-catching decoration and integrity with the overall home decoration style.

  The mall has yet to be perfected

  China's economy continues to develop steadily, and basic construction has entered a period of vigorous growth. The expansion of domestic demand has also brought new opportunities for the furniture profession. Together, participating in the WTO will attract a lot of overseas capital inflows, bring opportunities for joint ventures and cooperation for many small and medium-sized furniture companies, and rely on external forces to improve the level of marketing planning, quality management, product packaging and standardized management of furniture enterprises. In addition, China's participation in the WTO in the treatment of the relevant departments will increase the development of the traditional light textile building materials industry, which will further reduce the cost of raw material acquisition.

  Now China has become a big country in furniture production in the world, and together it is also an important country in furniture consumption. China has a population of 1.3 billion, and a huge potential consumer mall has attracted worldwide attention. At present, the level of per capita furniture consumption in China is still low. If you reach the consumption level of relevant departments in Thailand, the Philippines, etc., that is, the annual per capita consumption is about 20 US dollars, and the total consumption is more than 200 billion yuan. Therefore, it is expected that there is still a great potential for the increase in the furniture production value of the furniture profession.

  Into the 21st century, the Chinese government has proposed to accelerate the pace of urbanization and small urbanization. Fully prosper the rural economy and accelerate the process of urbanization, in order to further stimulate consumer shopping malls and expand the consumer sector. This action by the relevant departments will further increase the construction of our homes, which will lead to the development of occupations related to the residence. Based on the needs of the society and the needs of the development, the State Council has proposed the industrialization of housing. This action will drive the standardization, serialization and industrialization of tens of thousands of products with the residence. Because of the industrialization of the residence, the residence enters the mall as a product, providing space for all kinds of furniture and accessory products.

  Large-scale production gradually matures

  China's furniture hardware industry has used more than 20 years to develop hand-made products into large-scale production. China has gradually become a big country in production and consumption, and furniture hardware products are expanding in international shopping malls.

  Hardware operations need to learn how to approach end customers, how to provide them with products, and to ensure that they are profitable. This requires better marketing capabilities, better sales network, lean production and flexible production capabilities, and immediate supply chain operations. New business models such as competence, supply chain management, innovative thinking, better education and training for employees.

  From a production perspective, the plant needs to be as automated as possible to achieve greater productivity and improved labor productivity. The competition in the shopping mall is fierce, the product homogeneity is severe, the labor cost is high, and the added value of the product is carried out from the furniture manufacturing operation to the manufacturing operation, which is the general trend. And furniture hardware products will also be upgraded in the direction of intelligence and humanity.

  With the continuous advancement of the industrial promotion process, it is believed that China's furniture hardware profession can move forward from the traditional Chinese production to the manufacturing operations created in China.

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