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Hinge hinge for broken bridge aluminum accessories


The hinged aluminum flat-opening window generally uses a hinge. The hinge of the broken aluminum is different from the hinge of the ordinary door. It is also different from the hinge of the plastic steel door and window. Today's hinge manufacturer is talking about the aluminum alloy of the broken bridge. Common sense of hinge hinges .

The hinges are still known to many people, but the hinges are estimated to have not been seen by many people. This is used less, but it is also used. The hinges usually refer to the equipment that does the scrolling when the window sash is opened or closed. , attributed to the system with the shaft, and the hinge usually refers to the four-bar linkage that makes the translation and rolling when the sash is turned open or closed, and sometimes can also be a six-bar linkage or other linkage structure, the force characteristic is that the window hood is turned over. The opening process and the opening condition accept the primary vertical loads (such as gravity) and horizontal loads (such as wind). The hinge is primarily subjected to shear in the casement window and is primarily subjected to axial forces in the upper suspension window. This is the essential difference between the two types of hinges, so it must not be mixed. In addition, the opening angle of the casement window is generally required to be large, so the hinge translation stroke is required to be long, so that the window width is generally required to be 1/2 to 2/3, and the upper suspension window is generally about 1/2.

Plastic steel casement window or flat hinge used on the swing door, there is also a seven-word hinge. At present, the seven-word hinge is widely used. Because of this hinge, if it is used in a low floor, others can Remove the screws from the outside and then open the window or door.

Broken bridge aluminum door and window hinges, there are many types of broken aluminum hinges, this is just one of them, this hinge is still different from plastic steel doors and windows, then take everyone to see the hinge.

The hinged open window can also be used on the outer flap window that can be used on the hinge. If the floor is 7 or less, the hinge can be considered, but the hinged aluminum will have some cost. Increased, but the advantage of using this kind of hinge is to open the window, the glass inside and outside can be enough to get the glass, and the window is more solid and firm.

Which is better for zinc alloy hinges?


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