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What is a hydraulic hinge?


The hinge manufacturer tells you what is the hydraulic hinge

Hydraulic hinge refers to a kind of muffler buffer hinge that provides a cushioning function using liquid and has a more ambitious cushioning effect. Hydraulic hinges rely primarily on a completely new technology to accommodate the closing speed of the door. The door starts to slowly close at 60°, reducing the impact force and forming a comfortable effect when closed. Even if the door is closed with force, the hydraulic hinge can ensure a gentle closure, ensure the opening and closing of the mute, and enhance the life of the furniture.

The hinge is the component that connects the door panel and the cabinet. The opening of the cabinet and the wardrobe is connected by the hinge. Compared with ordinary hinges, hydraulic hinges are relatively good products with cushioning and noise reduction.

Most of the hydraulic hinges on the market are divided into two types: fixed and disassembled. The disassembly and assembly are divided into two parts: the base and the base. It is convenient to disassemble the device and disassemble. Hydraulic hinges generally have two-dimensional pain shifting and three-dimensional pain shifting, and three-dimensional hinges are of course better. In addition, hydraulic hinges with hydraulic buffering should be selected. These hinges make the door more labor-saving and do not suddenly close, and then ensure the safety of the operation, and also avoid too much noise when the door is opened and closed. The problem is to make the home life more quiet and comfortable.

Today, the higher-priced hydraulic hinges on the market are mainly high-profile foreign brands such as Blum Blum, Hettich, Grasse, Häfele and so on. The more well-known domestic furniture hardware brands are mainly represented by Tuochen Hardware, the quality is guaranteed, the price is more favorable than the foreign imports, and the price is higher.

In the house decoration, how to choose the desired hydraulic hinge, you can choose according to your actual situation.

Which hydraulic hinge is good?



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