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Customized American hinges

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● Brand: Xifengda

● Name: American hinge

●Specifications: Customization (size customization)

● Material: Iron

● Remarks: Support processing custom

The hinge, also known as the hinge, is officially known as the hinge. Often composed of two folds, it is the part that connects the two parts of the object and makes it move. Ordinary hinges are used for cabinet doors, windows, doors, and the like.

Installation points

(1) Before installation, check whether the hinge matches the door and window frame and the fan.

(2) Check if the hinge slot and hinge height, width and thickness match.

(3) It should be checked whether the hinges and the screws and fasteners connected to them are matched.

(4) The connection of the hinge should be matched with the material of the frame and the fan. For example, the hinge used for the steel frame wooden door, the side connected to the steel frame is welded, and the side connected with the wooden door fan is fixed by wood screws.

(5) In the case where the two sheets of the hinge are asymmetrical, it should be discriminated which board should be connected to the fan, which one should be connected to the door and window frame, and the side connected to the three sections of the shaft should be framed Fixed, the side connected to the two sections of the shaft should be fixed to the door and window.

(6) When installing, ensure that the hinges on the same fan are on the same vertical line to prevent the door sash from bounce.

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Custom-made American hinges


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