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Fixed right angle connector

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● Brand: Xifengda

● Name: Connector

● Specifications: Custom (size customization)

● Material: Iron

● Remarks: Support processing custom

The hinge manufacturer tells you what the connector is?

The connecting piece, as the name suggests, is a small component or part that connects between the component and the component, such as a loose leaf, a bolt set (including a bolt and nut), a connecting claw, and the like.

The door and window connector is the connection piece of iron between the door and window frame and the wall when the door and window are installed.

The door and window connection consists of three units: aluminum alloy, glass, and accessories. The structure of the aluminum alloy should be determined according to different opening methods. The doors and windows of the swinging frame include the frame material and the fan material; the sliding doors and windows include more, such as edge sealing, fixing, sliding, sliding, light opening, hooking, upper and lower. and many more. The glass is divided into hollow, double glass, coated, tempered, white glass, etc.; accessories include handles, locks, hinges, pulleys, attached files, etc.

Metal connector



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