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Hinge selection


Hardware accessories manufacturers teach you how to choose the hinge

A look at the hinge: the quality function of the product from the outside and outside of the hardware. When selecting decorative hardware with good appearance, it mainly depends on whether the appearance is defective, how the plating gloss is, and how smooth the appearance is. For example, when purchasing a lock, it depends on how good the surface finish is, whether it is finely lubricated, and there is no mottle. When purchasing hinge hinges , there is not much difference between the good hinges and the residual hinges. The specific difference is to investigate the thickness. Good hinges are not easy to rust due to the thick coating on the outside, stable and strong, and have strong load-bearing capacity.  

Two touches: that is, relying mainly on touch hardware to experience the feeling of getting started. For example, when buying the handles, there are four types of handles, such as plastic handles, zinc alloy handles, aluminum alloy handles and stainless steel handles. The zinc alloy handles are widely used. The coating technology is especially important. If the metallized layer on the exterior is not properly handled, it will be easy to fall.  

Three-way experience: It is mainly to understand the cooperation when purchasing a wardrobe. For the selected sealing function, the rails, locks and hinges need to be opened and closed for a few times, which feels flexibility and convenience. For example, the purchase of sliding doors, in particular, should pay attention to the role of the experience, both to understand the smooth sliding effect, but also to listen to the movement when sliding. Some customers often fall into such a misunderstanding. It is considered that the sliding door is easier to slide as long as it is. In fact, the sliding door with high quality is neither too light nor too heavy when sliding, but has the weight of the opposite door, and there is no sensation during sliding, smooth and there is Texture. High-quality sliding door hardware represents a complete combination of trajectory and pulley, rather than a simple part.

Hinge selection


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