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Hardware accessories supporting role


The hinge manufacturer tells you which hardware accessories are in the decoration

The kitchen is indispensable for every household, and it is also an important living space in the family. However, when decorating the kitchen, we often only pay attention to the beauty of the kitchen, but ignore the hardware accessories in the cabinet .  

Hinge: The hinge plays a vital role in the cabinet. It is also one of the hardware that needs to be tested. It not only connects the cabinet and the door panel beautifully, but also accepts the weight of the door panel. Therefore, the hinges generally use good quality, otherwise it is difficult to keep the door panel from deforming for a long time. Now more and more imported kitchens will choose hinges with damping. Of course, the effect of damping is not only the anti-shock damping but also the effect of improving the precision of the hardware.  

Slide rails: Slide rails are accessories that cannot be worn out in drawers. It also plays an important role in the use of the drawer and the number of lives. Because the kitchen is in a humid and greasy environment for a long time, the slides with poor quality will have an outstanding feeling in a short time, but a little longer will affect the operation. Drawer slides are second only to hinges in kitchen cabinet hardware. Classified by type, the bottom type, the metal side plate type and the all-inclusive rebound type.  

Pull basket: We all know that hinges, slide rails and other hardware are the basic accessories to ensure the quality of the cabinet, then the basket is related to whether the kitchen is comfortable, convenient and fashionable functional accessories. The basket has a larger size. The storage space, and can reasonably divide the space, so that various items and utensils "have their place", and can also make full use of the space at the corner to achieve the enlargement of the use value of space.  

Handle: Cabinet handle can be said to be an indispensable part of the decoration of cabinets and cabinets in the present era. It has a special position in life. After all, the cabinet handle can bring a lot of convenience to people's life, so it is installed on the cabinet. The handle is very important and has a strong aesthetic effect on the appearance of the cabinet. Therefore, it is very important to select cabinet handles. Handles are generally divided into open-mounted, embedded, and concealed. The handle is the eyes of the whole set of cabinets. The handles are equipped according to different colors and door styles to determine the beauty and taste of a set of cabinets.  

Support: Wang Wensheng is the pole that supports the weight of the cabinet door. When the cabinet device is hinged, and then the cabinet support is installed, when the cabinet door is turned up, there is no need to hold the door panel by hand, and the support will accept the door panel component, which is more flexible. Place or remove items into the cabinet. Therefore, when selecting support, the important thing is that its quality is ensured, and the quality assurance is undisputed.

Hinge fitting


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