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Welding bracket accessories

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Welding refers to a method of processing in which weldments are joined by heating or pressurization. According to the welding process, the welding method can be divided into three major categories: pressure welding, fusion welding and brazing, among which the arc welding application in welding is the most common.

Fusion welding: A method of welding a base metal to be welded, but without applying pressure to form a weld.

Pressure welding: During the welding process, pressure must be applied to the weldment (heated or not) to complete the welding method, including solid state welding, hot pressure welding, forging welding, diffusion welding, gas pressure welding and cold pressure welding.

Brazing: using a metal material having a lower melting point than the base material as a brazing filler metal, heating the weldment and the brazing material to a temperature higher than the melting point of the brazing filler metal but lower than the melting point of the base material, and moisturizing the base material with the liquid brazing filler metal to fill the joint A method of joining the weldments by the gap and mutual diffusion with the base material. According to the use of solder, it can be divided into two types: brazing and soldering.

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Triangular bracket accessories


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