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Welding, also known as welding, splicing, is a manufacturing process and technique for joining metals or other thermoplastic materials such as plastics in a heated, high temperature or high pressure manner. Welding is achieved by the following three ways:

1. Fusion welding - heating the workpiece to be joined to partially melt it to form a molten pool. After the molten pool is cooled and solidified, it is joined. If necessary, it can be added to the filler. It is suitable for welding of various metals and alloys. pressure.

2, pressure welding - welding process must apply pressure to the weldment, belonging to the processing of various metal materials and some metal materials.

3. Brazing - A metal material with a lower melting point than the base material is used as the brazing material, and the base material is wetted by the liquid brazing material, the joint gap is filled, and the parent metal material is mutually diffused to realize the link weldment. Suitable for welding of various materials, also suitable for welding of different metals or different materials.

There are many sources of energy for modern welding, including gas flames, arcs, lasers, electron beams, friction, and ultrasonics. In addition to being used in the factory, welding can also be carried out in a variety of environments, such as in the wild, underwater and in space. Welding can be dangerous to the operator wherever it is, so proper precautions must be taken when welding. Possible damage caused by welding to the human body includes burns, electric shock, visual impairment, inhalation of toxic gases, excessive ultraviolet radiation, and the like.

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