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TV stand

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The TV rack is a TV peripheral device specially developed for flat-panel TVs and LCD TVs hanging on the wall. It is suitable for family living rooms, bedrooms, offices, conference halls, exhibition halls, hotels, airports, railway stations, hospitals, bus stations, shopping plazas and other places. At present, according to the domestic Zhongguancun online, computer home website, Wanwei home grid brand list, with the fierce competition of TV rack merchants, TV racks have derived tilt angle adjustment, multi-faceted rotation from the ordinary fixed wall function , horizontal fine-tuning and other functions. It is loved by more and more TV users. The quality of flat-panel TV racks is uneven. In recent years, flat-panel TVs have quickly entered consumer homes. More and more consumers have chosen wall-mounted installations, but the various installation problems that have followed have begun to surface. Problems such as non-standard design, improper installation, and poor racking materials have become a family hazard.

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TV accessory bracket


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